【Announcement】 Application documents


In order to encourage new ventures to invest in smart robot-related product technology development, self-production, and innovation and entrepreneurship activities, by linking the venue and software/hardware in its Smart Robot Self-built Base, Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau promotes the active development of the said base and accelerates the industrialization of intelligent robots.


The items in the New Venture Proposal listed below must be summarized in Chinese to facilitate the review process, for foreign companies applying for “2019 Grant Proposal to Promote Innovation in Smart Robot Self-built Base” whose applications are primarily in English: 


The following items in the New Venture Proposal must also include a Chinese summary:

• II. Proposal contents

-3. Implementation contents of project subsidy items

-4. Characteristics and highlights of the proposal

-7. Check point description

• IV. Project Budget Arrangement



Please remember to include the key points below in the project review:

1. Core technology originality.

2. Market analysis and expected benefits.

3. Business model and commercialization planning.

4. Maturity of product, technology and operating model.

5. Profitability of potential technology or platform economy

6. Diffusion benefits for self-built base and Southern Taiwan Science Park industry

7. Planning of internal intellectual property management or cooperative/derivative benefit distribution norms.

8. Professionalism and integrity of the entrepreneurial team.

9. Rationality of funding items for New Venture Proposal